My name is Zoraya Black. I am an astrologer and tarot reader. I specialise in helping people understand themselves in a deeper way, embrace certain parts of their personality and learn the skill of letting go things that harms them or delays their personal growth. I do all of this from a place of love, acceptance and understanding. I believe my journey here is to help and serve others, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. I hope from my services, you learn to use certain tools to help you have better relationships with others and most importantly a better relationship with yourself. Thank you for your support!


I'm blown away. Thank you so much, I can't believe how accurate it is - I could cry! So many things you said relates! Thank you so much.


First and foremost, you are truly gifted. Not only was the report simple and well laid out plus within laymen's terms, which was a breeze for me to not only read but to absorb. You answered a question that was plaguing me. Thank you!


Wow, it was an amazing reading. It was so thorough and insightful. You have a way with words and explaining the cards that make the reader truly understand what the cards represent. You have such a great gift.